Mountain Living 

Its nice to be about one hour drive away from places like this. With all types of other things happening in life we can’t go there every weekend, but when we do manage, it never disappoints. Views are spectacular.


Trail Ridge Road

Trail Ridge Road or HW34 is part of Rocky Mountain National Park that connects Estes Park with Grand Lake during summer months. It opens on Memorial weekend and closes sometimes in early fall after it get covered with snow. Since most of this road is above 9000 feet at some parts around 12000 feet it is covered under large amounts of snow, which must be cleared out to make driving possible. I really wanted to see how much snow it really is, so we went to check it out just couple days after the road was opened for the summer.

Pretty awesome. In some parts it was at least 20 feet high walls of snow. Some parts were more like in the tunnel. More to come over the next few days.

High Altitude Performance 

At 5400 feet altitude plus five chairs, this guy was working hard and attracted large crowd. This spot on Perl street is always busy with street performers, especially on weekends.

Foothills Trail

I’m back in Colorado. Yesterday doing yard work in North Carolina. Today some outdoor fun here in Boulder. Went for Sunday hike this morning. We didn’t do this one yet and decided to check it out. The nice thing about it is that it pretty much starts in town but there are very few people hiking it. Nice views over Boulder and the northern neighborhoods as well.

Here is the map of what we hiked. Those blue marks indicate pause in hiking when we stopped to admire the view. I use Band 2 to track my activities and it does GPS tracking very nicely.

Extra Peaches

We have two peach trees at our house in NC and this year they got loaded with them, thousands, so many that all branches were down to the ground and one tree started tilting as well. So unfortunately to the peaches I had to take most of them off the trees, otherwise their growing weight would break the trees. I left about one third of them growing and they should be ready in about one month by which probably be eaten by some local wildings.

As for the extra, had to dump it in the backyard…