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Goat Trail

Yesterday we went for a walk, what ended up being about 8 miles walk. From Mount Sanitas we took down the Goat Trail you see below.

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No, we didn’t get another load of snow. This is from last week. Took it during the same walk as I took the one with pink flowers in the snow.

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No More Snow

Last week these flowers were under the snow. I was out of town for a few days and didn’t get to see it all melting away. So now it’s all gone.

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Was nice view from the main hall at SeaTac. Had to wait for the right plane to take off, most of them going low.

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Hungry Fish

Went for a walk tonight and saw this sculpture. Just don’t dream about it.

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Redmond Sunset 

Pacific Northwest is very nice this time of the year. I just flew in from snowy Denver to Seattle and it’s perfect t-shirt and shorts weather at the moment.

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April Snow

We just had another snowfall, at least foot and half. Colorado living in its full force. I was in North Carolina yesterday wearing shorts and flew back to Denver earlier today to this awesome view. It will all melt in … Continue reading

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