Moon Eating Dragon

We went for a hike to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain in Colorado Rockies to see the sunset and then rise of the blood moon over the Colorado prairies. Sunset was ok, not the most spectacular on that night. The moon as first didn’t want to show its face either, with the clouds on the horizon blocking its initial rise, but then it showed up for good 5-10 minutes before being taken back by the clouds.

City of Boulder is right under us, looks fairly close, but it’s a good 30 minutes drive from the parking at the Sugarloaf Mountain to the city limits at Boulder Canyon.

As I was taking photos of the moon, trying different angles, with darkness descending on us with every moment, I witnessed “Moon Eating Dragon” in its action. It didn’t take long, it was hungry and moon went away…


Mills Lake

Back on January 1st 2016 we went for hike in the Rocky Mountains National Park and decided to snow shoe to the Mills Lake. This hike is not as busy as other hikes that start from Bear Lake trailhead.

This was somewhere midway between the trailhead the the Mills Lake.


Here were are actually walking on the frozen surface of the Mills Lake, heading towards the Jewel Lake. You can see the Longs Peak, one of the 14K in Colorado. It is actually not the one to the right, but slightly to the left. From this angle, the one to the right looks more massive and taller but it is not the case.



Couple weeks ago at Western Rodeo in Denver Colorado. My first one, it was awesome!