Little Sugar Creek

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Last week I drove my car from North Carolina to Colorado and did a little detour to Arkansas, with sole purpose to take a photo in this US State. This is #47 under my quest to visit all US States by the age 50. I have two Dakotas and Alaska still on the list, almost there.

Of course, my detour to Arkansas coincided with the storm Goliath tearing through the most of the US, not the best weather to travel. Most of my drive through Arkansas was during heavy rain. The entire state was pretty much under water, anywhere you looked it was covered by newly formed lakes or newly formed waterfalls. In those eight or so hours that it took me to drive through it I saw more waterfalls then my entire life in the past, this is how much water was all over this part of the country.

The temperatures dropped from around 75F when I went through Memphis to about 55F after I entered Arkansas, and by the time I got to the Missouri it dropped all the way to 35F. The next morning in Kansas, the temps were around 25F and it was snowing. This is how crazy it was.

This is Little Sugar Creek in the north part of Arkansas, right off HW49. Not so little and not so sugary. Stay safe!

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5 thoughts on “Little Sugar Creek

  1. That really is too much water. It would be nice if it could be directed to places that want the water, such as California. Weather reports indicate that we may get the same drenching this month and beyond.

  2. I have a good acquaintance in Rex, GA that had similar flooding going on that looked as scary as this. Makes me thankful that I’m missing out on this sort of “festivity”.

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