Surfer Girls

Its continuing to snow in Boulder. Looking outside the window there is a nice blanket of fresh fluffy snow and its still coming down. We’ll try to venture out today again and see any new wild life, and maybe even take a photo or two.

Before I do that, here is another reminder of the warmer places, where it doesn’t snow.

Click it

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6 Responses to Surfer Girls

  1. azleader says:

    You sure they are “surfer girls”? There are other types of girls there, or so I understand it from books I’ve read. 😉 😉

  2. natuurfreak says:

    Hope you can warm you up in that weather

  3. So, how about snow-surfing? Best of both world 😉

  4. Kainoa says:

    We’ve been getting highs around 80 degrees and lows at a chilly 66 degrees here on the Big Island. Stay warm up there!

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