Hawaii Shore


Its been snowing in Boulder Colorado, everything is covered in nice fresh snow. Cold, but not windy, good time for a quick hike especially after eating some turkey and staffing and other filling foods, it is Thanksgiving.

One of the side effects of the snow is that you can suddenly see wildlife against white background, which otherwise you’d never be able to spot. After lunch we went for a walk around the Boulder Reservoir area and spotted 8 coyotes, in three different groups. I didn’t have my camera with me, so not photos of them bouncing over the snowy fields. Very cool day.

Warmer Places

From the shores of the Oahu, it was a beautiful day. Much warmer than current weather in the continental US.

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7 Responses to Hawaii Shore

  1. Steve Boer says:

    I think I have a photo from almost that exact spot, wonderful place!

  2. J. Waldner Photography says:

    what I wouldn’t give to be there (Hawaii that is :D)

  3. Kate Bolger says:

    I love Hawaii! Gorgeous photo! I too am exploring the states and just getting started. I need all the support I can get! This blogging thing is no joke! https://onweekendswewander.wordpress.com/

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