Snowshoeing in RMNP

Today I did my first ever snowshoeing little expedition into the mountains. It was awesome. We hiked from the Bear Lake trailhead to the Emerald Lake and took many little detours from the main trail. This is where the snowshoeing awesomeness comes all the way through, just step away from the trail and make your own or follow someone else’s little pass.  We didn’t really know what to expect and how to do it all, just got the snowshoes, put layers of clothes, packed some food and went for it. The first time was really cool experience and we are going to explorer many more trails over the next few months, here in the Colorado winter.

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btw, I had my little wrist health tracking band enabled with GPS and here it the map of the hike we did. You might wonder about us walking across the Dream Lake, it is frozen solid by now… so no worries..


Boulder Coyotes

I mentioned about seeing coyotes on yesterday’s hike.

Today we went for another walk around the Boulder Reservoir area in the white nice fluffy fresh snow. We didn’t see any of them for most of the hike, but then at the end of it I spotted something moving against the white background, and sure there they were, the coyotes, at least that is what we think they are. There were three of them hunting in the snow. Once in a while they would bounce in the air and into the ground, a few times, seems like trying to catch a mice or rabbit or some other little creature unfortunate enough to be heard by the hungry predator. 

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Surfer Girls

Its continuing to snow in Boulder. Looking outside the window there is a nice blanket of fresh fluffy snow and its still coming down. We’ll try to venture out today again and see any new wild life, and maybe even take a photo or two.

Before I do that, here is another reminder of the warmer places, where it doesn’t snow.

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Hawaii Shore


Its been snowing in Boulder Colorado, everything is covered in nice fresh snow. Cold, but not windy, good time for a quick hike especially after eating some turkey and staffing and other filling foods, it is Thanksgiving.

One of the side effects of the snow is that you can suddenly see wildlife against white background, which otherwise you’d never be able to spot. After lunch we went for a walk around the Boulder Reservoir area and spotted 8 coyotes, in three different groups. I didn’t have my camera with me, so not photos of them bouncing over the snowy fields. Very cool day.

Warmer Places

From the shores of the Oahu, it was a beautiful day. Much warmer than current weather in the continental US.

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Halloween in Honolulu

50 by 50 is Getting Closer

I just had a quick business trip to Honolulu Hawaii and made sure to take a few photos. This makes it State #46 on my pursuit to visit all 50 US States by the age 50, take a photo and post it on my blog. So only four more to go!

Great Evening in Honolulu

I flew into Honolulu on the Halloween afternoon and my hotel was in Waikiki. As I was checking into it, the receptionist mentioned that it will be super crazy out on the street after dark and I need to check it out. She was right.

I went out to the streets and saw all kind of costumes and folks dorking out, but the best one was probably this threesome.

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