Redmond Windmill

On my recent trip to Redmond Washington I took a long walk into the Marymoor park and walk right into this Windmill. Being there for the first time I was a bit surprised to see it and of course took a quick shot, just so you can see it as well. It is surrounded by trees and obviously doesn’t serve its purpose. Not even sure if it is original to this spot or were moved here from somewhere else. I guess a quick search would reveal it, but I’m not filling like doing that right now.

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5 thoughts on “Redmond Windmill

  1. Probably moved. Reminds me of a small castle in the Scottish Highlands that had to be moved because a reservoir was being created. It was moved from a situation by a river in open ground to a location near the banks of the new reservoir, but closely overlooked by higher ground – not a position any sane clan chieftain would have built a castle in.

  2. Beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing! It would certainly be interesting to learn about its origin–maybe something I can research in the future. 🙂 I love history!

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