Bridges of Madison County

50 by 50

Quick update on my quest to visit all 50 States by the age 50. This is #45. Getting close. Very close.

Covered Bridges in Iowa

I never read the book, nor seen the movie. I have heard of it. I had about half a day to drive through Iowa and I was not sure where to stop and take a few photos in the state. My wife suggested that I stop and see one of the bridges. I looked them up and they were kind of in the direction I was going so I decided to stop by and check it out. There are total 6 of them in the county and five were somewhat close to each other so I decided to hit each one of them. Sorry, didn’t get to the Roseman Bridge.

Imes Bridge

Cedar Bridge

Holliwell Bridge

Hogback Bridge

Cutler-Donahoe Bridge

15 thoughts on “Bridges of Madison County

  1. Great photos. These bridges must tell a story – why are they covered? What is their age and origin. The only thing even close I can think of in Australia is a bridge near Bright in Victoria on the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail.

    1. Most covered bridges in the U.S. were built in the 19th century. They are wood, and the roof protects the deck and trusses from snow and rain thus extending their lives. I have seen them in New England and Northeast Canada, but these photos will inspire me to look for them elsewhere.

  2. I’m Intrigued by their same, backward/forward leaning portals. I don’t believe this is a charactoristic of covered bridges in the east. M 🙂

  3. I, too, was struck by the similarity of all these bridges. Since they are in the same county, I suppose they were built by the same folks… but I don’t remember any two covered bridges being alike with the ones I grew up with in Oregon. Thanks for capturing these images for us, Dmitrii.

  4. I never seen any covered bridges here in US, and actually can’t remember of any outside of US, so these were my first as well. Thanks for stopping by everyone!

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