North Platte – 50 by 50

44 out of 50

This is State #44. Getting close man. yeah, getting close.

Union Pacific’s Bailey Yard

Interesting place this Bailey Yard place. The largest yard in the world, this is where east meets west. Not the Asian East and European West. American east meets west, right in the middle of Nebraska. They handle about 10,000 cars every single day. I spent about 30 minutes observing it from the Golden Spike Tower. At first didn’t really get what was going on, but 5-10 minutes into it I saw them getting pushed into different tracks, all seems like using just normal gravity. Stop by in North Platte Nebraska and see it too.

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8 thoughts on “North Platte – 50 by 50

  1. Love it!! Beautiful picture as always. Perhaps one day I can be there. If I ever make it I am certainly going to spend more than 30 minutes. Someone else may have to drag me away…

  2. Twice a year, my wife and I stop in North Platte, NE on our way to and from our winter home in Arizona. We never realized this train yard is in the neighborhood. We usually arrive in town after a full day’s drive (at least 10 hours), so we stop at a nearby restaurant for dinner, head for the hotel, and then leave again early in the morning. Looks like I should plan an extra day to visit some of the places North Platte has to offer. Thanks for the tip.

  3. That photo is just amazing. I’m not really a train fan but i would love to wander around the yard checking everything out. Never been to Nebraska but it does seem like a state that has its own personality and stands out from the others. 10,000 cars a day! Unbelievable. Think I need to start visiting train yards soon!

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