Friday Mystery Photo

Happy Friday everyone! Today we are going to visit somewhere in Asia, but you my dear visitors have to tell where it is. This is not an easy one. Nothing famous. Not anywhere famous. There were no tourists there at all, just about dozen cows eating grass and looking at me, the stranger who came across this place.

I can tell you that it is on the small island and you can see the water from the front entrance, with fishermen throwing nets, hoping to catch something for dinner.

Weekend Update: Nobody got it. Nobody did. Maybe next time. Silk Island.

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5 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. Never been to Asia myself so I wouldn’t have guessed it, but it’s a lovely picture and that cow is adorable 🙂

  2. Interesting! I’ve visited Phnom Penh but haven’t heard of Silk Island … will certainly look into this for future travels. Thanks for sharing!

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