Yellowstone Lake

The multiple faces of the Yellowstone National Park. The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. The Yellowstone Lake. All observed from the top of the Mount Washburn. Some of the coolest parts of the park, and more important not as crowded. It is nice to enjoy the natural beauty while not surrounded by hundreds of noisy bystanders.

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13 Responses to Yellowstone Lake

  1. natuurfreak says:

    Fabulous photo’s

  2. Mary says:

    It is a beautiful lake. It’s always so blue and clear.

  3. nildarcook says:

    One of my favorite places in the whole world! May it always provide us with it’s beauty and granduer!

  4. Absolutely Amazing shot!!!!

  5. sarinal says:

    What a fantastic colour contrast!! It’s amazing how clean cut those clouds look!

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  7. fifi + hop says:

    Breathtaking. Loving all your photos. Glad I came across your blog.

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