Friday Mystery Photo

It probably could be anywhere out there West, this type of view is very common. So I do not expect anyone to really know where this place is, as it could be in any of the western states, but maybe someone will recognize that specific mountain peak and can tell us all where it is. Have a great Friday!

Weekend Update: Hey everyone. This is in Idaho, somewhere on US93 looking North West. Next you are there enjoy the view!

Click me!!!

11 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. All I can say is I hope your not standing in the middle of a road that cars travel 100+km/h down! Lol, screw having that van/truck coming at me let alone what’s behind me! But that’s the dare devil in me speaking haha

    1. yep, right in the middle of it. had to pay very close attention to that track movement. You can see and hear very far out…

  2. Ah, I’ve never been to America either so I’m not doing very well so far clicking myself back through your images! I’ll get one some day, I’m sure.

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