Rocky Sunrise

It is not just rocky, those rocks are super slippery and I almost slipped a few times, which would be very bad, crashing on those hard rocks. Every step had to be tested to ensure solid footing. Of course it was worth the effort, as the sunrise was very memorable.

Click me!!!!

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11 Responses to Rocky Sunrise

  1. erikberti says:

    Stunning picture! Thank you for taking this risk for all of us!

  2. Beautiful reflected colour that only nature can provide!

  3. i like the perspective in this lovely photo

  4. Sue says:

    Just wonderful – I can feel those pebbles, hear the sea….

  5. Mary says:

    Just gorgeous!

  6. Nice shot. Whenever I see Otter Cliffs, I’m reminded of a grim story that a local waitress told us last fall.

  7. PaaqaviINC says:

    Texture, light, composition… PERFECT!

  8. I am mesmerized by the natural bliss that you captured beautifully.

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