Yellow Bear

This is one of the main “exhibits” at the airport in Doha Qatar. Big Yellow Bear.

Anyone know what he is doing there?

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5 thoughts on “Yellow Bear

  1. According to the Internet and personal speculation there are several possibilities:
    1-Remind travelers of childhood or precious things from home
    2-Humanize the airport experience
    3-Entice travelers to make purchases in the duty-free hall
    4-Part of a broader trend over the past decade in which the international art world has been establishing a firm presence in wealthy Middle East Gulf states cities, like Doha
    5-Rich oil sheiks have more money than they know what to do with

  2. Add one more internet suggestion:
    6-The airport is being used to store the 30-ton artwork purchased by a member of the royal family

  3. It’s rather odd and I have no idea why it’s there but I like the suggestions above! The picture made me smile so in real life I would have found the bear quite amusing to come across. 🙂

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