Beautiful Colorado

Couple weeks ago we took our spring break to Colorado. I visited it before on couple business trips, but it was limited to Denver and to the after work hours, which are not the best way to explore new destinations. This time we spent very little time in Denver itself and went on exploring other parts of the state.

I took this photo from HW24, as soon as we came out from the Pike National Forest we saw this incredible view of the valley and the San Isabel National Forest mountain range in far distance. Those high peaks are above 14,000, high country, and we were probably at around 9,000 high from where I stood.

Storms were coming through the region and instead of usual blue skies we watched clouds moving up above at a high speed, it was very windy day. It took us another hour or more to get to the other side of this valley, distances can be very deceiving.

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  1. Indeed distances can be deceiving here. You think you can reach your destination, in say 30 minutes, but it ends up taking a couple of hours instead. Those low level, scud clouds, they can move incredibly fast.

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