Skeleton Angel

Saw this somewhere on the wall at the Truth or Consequences in New Mexico. Supposedly this town is called after some 70th or 80th TV show. Nothing really much interesting there other than a hot springs resort right by the Rio Grande, the section of Rio Grande before it completely dried out. Place to visit once in a lifetime.

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3 thoughts on “Skeleton Angel

  1. Some corrections are in order. 70th or 80th what? I assume you mean 70s or 80s. But, that’s still wrong. ToC was named after a 1950s radio show. There are a lot of hot springs, not just one. Their water comes from bubbling underground water like a well, not the Rio Grande. One more thing, The Rio Grande may one day be dry — the entire west is in a many years long drought — but not today.

    The high desert is a hard place to photograph. It takes time and patience. You cannot just pass through and hope to see something.

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