Friday Mystery Photo

Have been so busy at work, feels like its been a long time since the last photo, of course its only been four or five days. In blogosphere world it is probably like centuries, at least how it feels, with the insane amount of published and incoming information from all over.

For this Friday Mystery photo I have the following clue: it is very cold there, especially now. Very cold.

Click me!!!

9 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. Minneapolis! I’ve been there once on a gorgeous spring day. Well, there were still heaps of snow here and there, but one could definitely feel a new season in the air. And it was gorgeous!
    I actually had a chance to move there in 2013, but chose LA instead. I am still a bit torn about this decision, though I definitely prefer to observe all the polar vortexes from afar.

  2. Definitely downtown Minneapolis – I see this skyline almost daily & used to work there! The “Star” building is for Northstar Blankets. Also of note in the picture is the IDS Center building & the Capella Tower, the first & second tallest buildings in Minnesota, respectively.

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