White Sands Dream

Year End

Thanks all for giving a few moments of your time during this year. I really appreciate it. It was a good year in many respects. There were many great accomplishments, some setbacks and a few disappointments. That is how life is. I hope you had a good year as well. I’m looking forward to what is coming ahead.

Landscape Photographer Dream

I think that any landscape photographer would love to be in the shoes of that guy. Any time of the day. He probably got some nice shots from up there. I sure got one too.

Let us all have as many of these moments in the next year as well. Happy coming New Year folks. See you in 2015!

Click me!!!

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13 Responses to White Sands Dream

  1. Phoenix the Dreamer says:

    It’s worth a frame to pin the picture on a wall. It’s not only toned in colors, but the waves seem to roll slowly before our eyes. The lone surfer adds the correct amount of zest. Superb for me. Thanks for the feast. 🙂 And Happy New Year to you too.

  2. Lovely shot! As you say, wish you many more.

  3. Happy New Year to you and yours, may it be filled with Joy, Health, Success and Prosperity!! Jay

  4. Maggie Beck says:

    Thanks for a wonderful year of traveling the world through your eyes, Dmitrii!

  5. Lucy says:

    Wow that’s gorgeous! Happy New Year and cheers to a wonderful 2015!!!

  6. Nelson says:

    Lovely shot …….. he looks like he is lost into infinity

  7. Ana Perry says:

    Beautiful photo, and one of my favorite places. I’m feeling warmer just looking at it

  8. PaaqaviINC says:

    No footprints for miles! Nice…

  9. Ankur Sharma says:

    So wonderful, Dmitrii! You kept your best for the last 😀 A very Happy New Year to you and your family too!!

    Lots of Love and good wishes!

  10. suej says:

    Great shot, Dmitri! Love the limited colour palette, the textures and of course the composition! Have a great 2015 😀

  11. Angela Dowin says:

    Happy New Year! Stunning photo.

  12. natuurfreak says:

    Amazing picture .I was in White Sands 15 years ago and will never forget it.Wish you all the best for 2015

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