Train to Chicago

Couple months ago I had a long layover in Chicago O’Hara airport which I used to get into the town and explorer it for couple hours. I shot this video with my phone while taking the train from the airport into the city.

Train in Chicago

This was my second visit to Chicago, very short one too. I have seen a few movies with some down town Chicago action, train tracks above the streets, all rugged with special downtown street noise. Getting to Chicago on the train and then seeing it all over the town reminded me about those memories.

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8 thoughts on “Train to Chicago

  1. Yup! That is one nice thing about O’Hare, you can jump on the train (the EL) and get into the city very easily! Or transfer over to the Metra. Next time hopefully you can stay longer!

  2. I know how you feel about visiting Chicago – I’d seen TV series and films with the “L”, seeing it in real life made me feel like I was on set. 🙂

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