Paris Art Talk

What do you think those ladies are talking about?

Click me!!!

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14 Responses to Paris Art Talk

  1. Nelson says:

    They are talking about men

  2. Sitting in the Luxembourg Gardens, looking at one of the queens of France, they are talking about her life. What was it like then?

  3. Where she her bag ๐Ÿ˜‰ just kidding. Your travels are inspiring, this is a beautiful blog, Well done.

  4. nina says:

    Ah, I sat in that very seat! I remember enjoying the beauty of the gardens and the warm sunshine.

  5. Mary says:

    Perhaps they are just admiring in silence.

  6. simon7banks says:

    “She’s not looking where she’s putting her feet. She’s going to trip over that long skirt of hers.”

  7. natuurfreak says:

    Nice place for an art talk.

  8. Gina says:

    Do you know that your Grandma loved strolling in the park and really appreciated the art work all around. She especially liked this statue of this queen because she said that it reminded her of a dress she wore once that looked exactly like it. Oh yes, your Grandma loved her dresses and she had excellent taste. If she were here, she’d probably put them on show for us to enjoy. She’d mimic this queen and you’d think something magical wa about to unfold….. She was a very special woman. She loved this statue.

  9. The folded arms suggest they are not happy with the subject.

  10. I wonder if they’re talking about the statue just a few feet in front of them?

  11. gENUS says:

    It could be that the two on the end are listening to the woes on the younger appearing woman in the center.

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