Somewhere in Arizona

Couple years ago right around this time, plus minus couple weeks, we were in Arizona, driving on Route 66 and enjoying the scenery. I saw this train coming in my back mirror, pulled to the side and took this photo. It is very surprising how fast they go, really. You want to take a photo, but they time the camera is out and ready, the train already in completely different place.

Click me!!!

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4 Responses to Somewhere in Arizona

  1. erikberti says:

    This pic is great, it reminds me of some movies… I’m sure it was a great trip! On my wish list!

  2. natuurfreak says:

    I was there to a lot of years ago and know how quickly the train ride.

  3. Madoqua says:

    This photo poses so many questions. Where has the train been, where is it going? Likewise the road… I think it is great!

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