Lafayette Cemetery

Can’t recall if I posted any of the photos that show insides of those chambers, with some bones in it. Many of those walled brick walls have fallen out and you can see what inside, somewhat creepy for sure. Now that I think about it, I should check my archives from the day I visited this cemetery and see those photos. If you ever visit New Orleans, make sure to visit Lafayette Cemetery #2, this is where you can see it rough, old and not so manicured graves as in some other more touristy and better taken care cemeteries of New Orleans.

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14 thoughts on “Lafayette Cemetery

  1. I think you mean Lafayette No. 1. Lafayette No. 2. is located in the most crime ridden neighborhood of Central City. Going there as sort of naive tourist is an invitation to disaster. Lafayette No. 1 is across the street from Commander’s, looks about the same and much, much safer. That manicured cemeteries are out towards Metarie. Most of the ones within the city itself are pretty shambolic. At least that’s what I think and I live in NOLA. Two blocks from Lafayette No 1.

      1. It’s beyond a bit sketchy. People have been mugged and killed in the cemetery. Perfect example of what I meant about “naive tourists.” You are very lucky. I have been working in CC for years. I know most of the players — good and bad — and I wouldn’t wander around in there without a second person who could help to defend us.

        1. all right, next time in New Orleans, I guess visit to #2 is out of question. If people get killed there in day time, must be really bad.

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