Acadia Loop Road

Never know what waits you around the corner. In this case there are no surprises, it continues with one beautiful view after another. Acadia National Park is a treasure trove of great hikes and some breathtaking views. High cliffs that we see here are famous for sunrise photography. With right conditions, as sun comes up above the ocean, it hits those cliffs and colors them pink and red. If you go down to the beach, and look at it with big round boulders as your foreground, it is a sight to see.

Click me!!!

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8 Responses to Acadia Loop Road

  1. gypsyinjeans says:

    Oh god! the view is stunning. I came back from a trip just last night and this photo makes me want to pack my bags and leave today, like right now! I am going to be thrown out of the house 😦

  2. Great place to visit. My brother worked as a Ranger for the park. While visiting him, he and I talked of sharks in the water, while we crossed the bay in a boat. The week after I left someone snapped a picture of a large shark jumping completely out of the water close to where we were while in the boat. I like sharks.

  3. Amazing. I love how you focus on the road, rather than the high cliffs. It gives a totally different feel. Thanks for posting it!

  4. Pat Bean says:

    Brings back memories of my trip to Maine. Thanks.

  5. I’ve never been to Maine, but what a great pic. Your title caught my eye because of a little fiction project I’ve been needing to get back into about the Acadian colonies. Lovely capture.

  6. Lori D says:

    Looks like a painting. Even the road is perfectly paved for that shot. Fantastic.

  7. natuurfreak says:

    Fantastic a road next to the sea

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