Friday Mystery Photo

Easy one for you’ll this week. Where is it?

Weekend Update: I thought that this one would be easy one, as many of you have some impressive investigative techniques to identify the location of my photos. Nerveless, a few got it right. Quieter Elephant identified it as Georgetown University and kazg10 confirmed it. Excellent solving of the mystery location, not so mystery now!

Btw, I geo tag all of my photos and link them to my galleries, the photo you see to the 500px location and then upload them to my smugmug gallery and to flickr as well. All of them can show it on the map. So if you ever wonder where exactly I took any of my photos, just go there and see it exact location. If you happen to use any version of Windows 8+ then you can also install my free app “Travel Photography” and it will show the location of the photo as well, that app is 2 years old now and need to be updated…but it works.

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