Holiday Season

Holiday season in US is starting every year earlier and earlier. Years back, Christmas trees would be setup right after the Thanksgiving, getting the public into the spirit of spending their money on all the gifts other other stuff they buy during this time. In the last few years it is a norm to see it all over way before the Thanksgiving, at least one week before, which is like middle of November, one month before actual holiday.

I took this photo couple weeks ago at Detroit airport.

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7 thoughts on “Holiday Season

  1. That airport is far nicer than it was thirty years ago… The commercialization of Christmas, and the earlier start every year is ridiculous, to be honest. I really dislike it. I hope Wayne County treated you well. 😉

  2. These days, I start seeing signs of Christmas on the day after Halloween. Seeing decorations too soon …. before Thanksgiving just makes me want to say Bah humbug. As usual, nice photo. Looks like they decked the halls too early.

  3. As someone who lives in upper Ohio and travels quite a bit this picture brings back memories for me, and makes me want to fly away to somewhere warm.

  4. Beautiful Picture! Reminds me of my winter visits up there. Yes, it is ashame that the Christmas Season has been so commercialized. Christmas decorations out before Halloween, so very sad. Miss the old days when retailers didn’t over lap the holidays and Christmas music started after Thanksgiving. Oh yeah, and all the stores were closed on Thanksgiving, with the exception of the grocery stores that stayed open til noon.

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