Bar Harbor

Yesterday we had mystery photo, like most other Fridays and couple people identified it right as Bar Harbor at Acadia National Park in Maine. Very nice! Today’s photo happens to be taken at the street level at Bar Harbor on one of its main streets. Fall was in full swing and leaves had nice smell, it just asked for some memory shots.

Click me!!!

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5 Responses to Bar Harbor

  1. natuurfreak says:

    amazing photo and with such a big clock you nevercan forget the time.

  2. Antisocial Patty says:

    I love the perspective on this photo. My cousin lives there, it looks like a gorgeous place.

  3. Jeff says:

    We love Bar Harbor. We had the pleasure of staying a night there in October of 2000, on our 15th anniversary.

  4. Sophia says:

    Nice photo! Maine looks beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog! Great job! 🙂

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