Friday Mystery Photo

Folks in US, hope you had a good Thanksgiving! We visited friends and had a good time, with perfectly cooked turkey on the table. Even had a chance to swim in the Atlantic, while not for long as it was fairly cold this time of the year.

I didn’t take this photo on this trip, so it is not in Florida, this is a big help to figure it out, right? Cruise ship looks so tiny, almost like a little toy from this distance. Where do you think it is?

Weekend Update: Thanks all for stopping by! This one was a bit more challenging, but many of you identified it right – yes it is Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park, beautiful place to visit any time of the year, but especially spectacular during October/November when colors change and the crowds are not as big as during peak visiting months.

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14 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. Could be Greece. As far as I can see, the vegetation of the islands stretches down almost to the sea, so if I’m right it isn’t an area with strong tides. That would rule out all oceans.

  2. Thanks for the thanksgiving reference. Even though we are English people in Albania, we still celebrated it at a friend’s house. I felt stuffed afterwards, but it was worth it for the turkey, mashed potato, green bean casserole and candy corn!

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