BOSTON Reflections

Boston downtown area has many tall glass buildings which act as perfect mirrors with right angle of the sun. It presents some interesting photo opportunities, like the one below.

The day when I took this photo was perfectly sunny with clear blue skies. I just played a bit here with textures to make it a bit more moody.

Click me!!!

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7 Responses to BOSTON Reflections

  1. Love the idea of reflections — will try it myself in my hometown. Great photo!

  2. gaiainaction says:

    What I loved about my visit to Boston was the old and the new architecture, like part of the J.F.Kennedy museum in new, and the Library in old, great contrasts.

  3. basildonkitchens says:

    Great capture!

  4. Very nice! I spent all day looking for a lovely window reflection like this but it just wasn’t in the cards. You captured it brilliantly.

  5. yvyanty says:

    Those kind of reflection are awesome ! The building, so amazing, give you the opportunity to take some great pictures, thank you for sharing.

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