Biltmore Magic

I’m on a business trip in Michigan at the moment with 20F temperatures outdoors and some snow on the ground, cold. I thought that posting this photo and then checking it once or twice the next day (that is today) would warm me up a bit and remind about nicer days in late summer. One of those magic days at Biltmore Estate.

Click me!!!

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20 Responses to Biltmore Magic

  1. Excellent range of colour and texture

  2. jessyh19 says:

    This is stunning! 🙂

  3. natuurfreak says:

    Amazing.The landscape looks like a Japanese garden.

  4. Mary says:

    That is beautiful, and yes very warming. Thanks!

  5. Lori D says:

    It does look like a magical fairytale land. I’ll bet you could take some cold, stark pictures in Michigan and still make it look great.

  6. Angela Dowin says:

    Beautiful photo! I love the Biltmore. I went there last year at Christmas. The lights and decorations were amazing to see. 🙂

  7. John says:

    Great colors, beautiful. My home state has bitter winters indeed, bundle up!

  8. Susan Feniak says:

    Stunning image! Magical indeed.

  9. the perspective on the photo is riveting!

  10. Rob Tobin says:

    This is a great image – perfect perspective.

  11. Sheri Elizabeth says:

    Fantastic photo of the Biltmore. I’ve got to go there someday!

  12. suej says:

    The movement of the clouds, coupled with the perspective, really draw the eye in – nice shot!

  13. Julia Manuel says:

    Stunning capture!!

  14. eduardolibby says:

    I love the light, and all the different aquatic plants.

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