Friday Mystery Photo

There was a big crowd on the rocks just a few minutes prior to taking this photo, watching sunset, but pretty much all of them cleared out as soon as sun went down behind the horizon. After that I had a bit more freedom to explorer around there and discovered this little pool with nice reflection of the light house. Nice end to a long day.

Since it is Friday, you have to figure out where it is. Happy Friday all!

Weekend Update: Yep, as a few of you properly identified, it is in Acadia National Park, the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse.

27 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. Ive had a look and a good old google search of lighthouses and come up with Bass Harbor Head Light Mount Desert, Maine.. looks adorable.

  2. This is located in Acadia National Park. Me and the wife were able to get up there this past summer. Sadly I was just getting my feet wet in photography and didn’t get any shots nearly this good 🙁

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