The Bean

Couple weeks ago I had a long layover in Chicago, long enough to catch a train to downtown and explorer some areas, take some photos and claim my 41st state. With Chicago under the belt, I have Illinois under the belt and it makes nice 41 US States that I have visited and took a photo. Getting close.

The Bean is pretty cool, and it attracts a lot of people doing all kind of selfies. I took some “selfies” as well, it is hard not to take one if you take a photo of this thing in any close proximity, you are going to see your reflection in it. But most of the shots I ended up taking of people standing right next to it and taking their selfies next to The Bean. I’ll have to post a few in the near future.

Click me!!!

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9 Responses to The Bean

  1. seaangel4444 says:

    Great shot our “Our Bean” here in CHItown! Most people usually take photos up close; however, I absolutely love this photo!! Perfect capture!! Cher xo

  2. Mary says:

    Wow, that is a cool looking place. 41 states…..awesome!

  3. Not the usual perspective for this famous piece of public art.

  4. Love Chicago and this picture with the Fall leaves.

  5. Alli Farkas says:

    What others just said–I’ve never seen “Cloud Gate” (that’s the Bean’s real name) photographed from this intriguing angle either. This shot gives you a real idea of just how huge it is.

  6. S. V. Romero says:

    Chicago is Beautiful in the fall…

  7. WH says:

    I didn’t expect to think much of Cloud Gate the first time I visited Chicago but I found it absolutely fascinating and I love that people enjoy taking selfies with it!

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