Life on Sab River

This was one of my first photos that I took in Cambodia. After dropping off my bag at the hotel in Phnom Penh I went straight to the river front to get first sights of this country. I saw this family fishing on the river, going back and force along the shore. At one point they got closer to where I was standing, one of the guys dropped into the water and planted some kind of nets into it. Then he got back into the boat and they took off, out of my view.

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10 thoughts on “Life on Sab River

  1. Spent a week in Cambodia this summer, absolutely loved the country. Thanks for the memory, looking at this pic I stood in almost exactly the same place and took a similar photo, although it was hammering down when I took mine.

  2. I love water and reflection pictures! I’m not sure why, perhaps the blue backdrop that is usually there. This is so crisp and lovely. Feels like we are right there with you! 😀

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