Friday Mystery Photo

I’m still around folks. Just took a little break from posting over the last couple weeks.

So this place is super challenging to know. First you have to be in this part of the world, you also need to have special access to this specific area. Well, as you can see many folks are there and I got there as well, so while I’m very special (to a few people), this is not like some type of exclusive club. Still very few people would probably know where it is or ever been there. Have you?

Weekend Update: Tough one for sure. I’d have no clue where it is if not to walk around this place. I might even not know it if I was in that general area, as I was there twice and on the first visit I didn’t come to this end of the lounge. Yep, just said it, it is a lounge. At Doha International airport. I got my way into it by having sapphire status with OneWorld, which is Qatar Airways is part of. So this lounge is huge, I’m standing at one end of it and it probably 150-200 meters to the other end from here, in between with all kind of cool areas to have nice time on some comfy chairs. Free water, free beer, free food for hungry travelers. I had five hour layover here on my way to Cambodia and couple hours on the way back. It is nice to have some perks once in a while and get that special treatment!

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8 Responses to Friday Mystery Photo

  1. Amy says:

    Fantastic shot! Great angle you took!

  2. Mary says:

    Wow, it looks quite intriguing, where ever it is.

  3. I’m curious. Where is it? Very nice reflections!

  4. Stunning interior and very western looking. Very nice capture.

  5. kelihasablog says:

    Wow, very cool shot, but I’m completely lost as to where it is or in what building, more specifically.. 😀

  6. natuurfreak says:

    woww Magnificent. Is it a swimpool?

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