Pentagon City

Month or so ago I was staying at the Ritz Carlton at Pentagon City. Yeah, the Ritz. Once in a while they have steep discounts and very affordable prices, maybe during the time when government in DC is not in session or some other reason, probably mainly to low influx of business travelers to the area during that specific week. This is the only Ritz I have ever stayed. It is nice. Rooms are equipped with nice furniture, comfortable business desk to work and all kind of little things that make your stay and room much more enjoyable than pretty much any other hotel that I had a chance to stay at. Not sure when and if I ever stay at this one or any other Ritz again. I read somewhere that Ritz customer service prides themselves by knowing all of their customers by name and when you arrive at the check-in they greet you by name and have everything ready for you. Well, not at this one. They didn’t know my name. Maybe it is not the super fancy shmancy Ritz like in some other places.

But I’m talking about Ritz? Well, it is about two hundred feet to the right of the entrance to this metro station.

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