The Never Ending Commute

Boy oh boy, I’m so glad I was not one of those folks seating in those cars. Never ever ending commute and the traffic light behind me was only able to accommodate 4-5 cars on each green. As it was fully packed with cars all the way North Capitol Blvd. They should be home by now. Hate bumper to bumper commute.

I was walking that day and enjoyed being carless for a moment.

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4 thoughts on “The Never Ending Commute

  1. Two things I find sad about long commute, first the time spent in the car waiting, the second is seeing something that would make a beautiful picture but not being able to leave your car o get the shot

  2. Since I am in Switzerland I quit driving and my stress levels are dropped drastically! It is a new life. Now my lungs can finally breath and when I go to the city I have allergies for the smog!

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