Kiss the Sun


My daughter is going to be in Cambodia for couple months doing some volunteer work, so I decided to visit her while she is there and explorer a bit of the country. I just booked the ticket for Phnom Penh. Pretty exciting.

Anyone been there and have some recommendations? I got the Lonely Planet book to get most of the information, but something first hand would be cool to know as well.

Key West

Can’t recall if I was on the boat on on the shore when I took this photo. I know that I did sunsets on a few nights, but it has been a while now. Anyhow, I personally like this one, kind of peaceful and relaxing to look at it.

Click me!!!

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12 Responses to Kiss the Sun

  1. Went there Nov 12. My blog has some ideas on what we did.

  2. Have a good time. I’m looking forward to exploring the country through yours shots. Enjoy!

  3. Victo Dolore says:

    You will love Cambodia! Angkor Wat is a must, of course. Read Survival in the Killing Fields, by Haing Ngor if you haven’t already.

  4. Amy says:

    Stunning shot! Gorgeous scene…

  5. Beautiful color palette in this photo! This photo makes me want to go sailing into the sunset.

  6. Moritz says:

    What a nice shot! Hope you will have a lot of fun in Cambodia!

  7. natuurfreak says:

    Wish you good time by your daughter.This sunset seems so beautiful it can be a postcard.

  8. Vic Rana says:

    The Mekong riverfront is nice but I will stay somewhere else.

    You can take some key points from following post:


  9. gem says:

    beautiful! don’t forget to visit the angkor wat! you can visit the neighboring countries pretty easily too.

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