Hilton Head Evening

Last week I watched documentary on the Netflix about young girl who sailed around the world all by herself, she started at age 14 and finished 500+ days later at age 16, she became the youngest female to go around the world all by her self on a 40 foot sail boat. Interesting stuff. Check it out if you get a chance, it is called “Maidentrip”.

Couple nights ago while waiting for our table at the restaurant I saw this sail boat coming back to the docks and it reminded me of that documentary. I think it is about the same size boat as she took around the big oceans.

7 thoughts on “Hilton Head Evening

  1. Last summer I rented the smallest boat with engine on my holiday. I live 200 kilometers from the see coast and it was very exciting experience for me and especially for my wife, because she was 5 months pregnant.
    I liked the freedom feeling and our small isolated world for those few hours on this boat.
    Cruising between villages and beaches on Korčula island is the one of my favorites one day tours in my life.
    Not sure if I will have courage to go around the world, but from this point of view it would be really something special.

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