Friday Mystery Photo

So much detail in it. If you like this type of stuff, you can probably spend a lot of time studying all of the little architectural details of this place. And this is only a small part of it.

How about it?

Weekend Update: It seams like it is almost an unanimous consensus that is it Notre Dame in Paris. Can’t fight with popular opinion, yes it is the Notre Dame in Paris France. I did not go inside of it. There were so many people going in and out when I was there so I just decided to walk around it. Maybe next time I’ll go inside.

Click me!!!

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21 Responses to Friday Mystery Photo

  1. Hillechien Prins says:

    Beautiful, so many details

  2. cyardin says:

    Is this Notre Dame in Paris?

  3. carissayeboah says:

    Is this in Vienna?

  4. More2Explore says:

    Notre Dame in Strasbourg, FR?

  5. mvschulze says:

    I’d also say Notre Dame,. Paris, but I think that would be too easy!

  6. benrowef64 says:

    Really intriguing, I would have to say that it is a cathedral in Europe. That’s about it.

  7. Looks like Salisbury Cathedral in England … (?) …

  8. ceadomile says:

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  9. myersbowman says:

    Der Kölner Dom, Deutschland.

  10. Notre dame in Paris – looks like from the side

  11. vydnic says:

    I also agree with the notre dame in Paris. Otherwise it really looks the same

  12. I guess Notre Dame but it could be the minster of York in England. Anyhow, it is beautiful.

  13. natuurfreak says:

    I think it’s in Paris the Notre Dame.

  14. flamegirl1971 says:

    Wow! I love the detail!

  15. Nigel Ip says:

    Clearly Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. I took a similar photograph this June. Incredible work of architecture!

  16. How do you get people to read your blog??? Mine is not very good

  17. kelihasablog says:

    I agree with the Notre Dame crowd, but must say that your shot is Lovely! It must have been wonderful to be able to see it in person. : D

  18. SJ says:

    Reblogged this on SJ Art.

  19. qinqinparis says:

    I love looking at the details of monuments and landmarks.

  20. Jenny says:

    I want to see this place so badly! This is a really nice detail picture.

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