US Open is back in town, since it is right here on the east coast, they play all of the interesting matches in the evening. So the Burning Man is happening in Nevada right now, something would be really cool to visit and do some photography, not sure if I ever venture to it though, hmm, maybe I should plan it for next year year after. They got rained in yesterday, which is extremely unusual for that that place. Rain in the desert might bring out some flowers, have to see for some photos from the folks who is currently there for any interesting and weird stuff.

I took this photo couple years ago in NC Mountains. That night I took a bunch of photos of this sunset and posted them over the last couple years. If you care to see them, they should be under Blue Ridge Parkway category. 

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  1. I’m in Reno and have never been to Burning Man. I have been to that section of desert, The Black Rock. It is spectacular. It is better, in my opinion, without the mass horde of Burning Man. I’m not a big crowds person but I love seeing the art displays and photos. Good and bad, I suppose. The event brings a big boom to the local economy. Gotta love that! There is a live video broadcast on ustream, check it out.

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