Spooky Jekyll Island

The north east side of the Jekyll Island is the home to the beach I have never seen anywhere else. Full of the old skeleton trees. Laying and standing there, and in the right light looking really spooky. Like, the earth days came to an end. Once big and strong, all they remind about some prior glory, now getting hit by the ocean waves to oblivion.

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7 thoughts on “Spooky Jekyll Island

  1. Back a few years ago my wife and I and our dog explored this area, fascinating, and great photo opportunities. Might do a post about it in the future. M

  2. That picture reminds me of the coast just north of Southwold in Suffolk (England). It’s fast eroding and a wood is falling over the cliff bit by bit. I’ve seen trees in the sand just like that. At another point a road and a track stop abruptly at the cliff edge, trying to meet but never meeting. The point at which the track joined the road is now some way out to sea. On the beach you can find bits of piping, masonry and even the foundations of buildings and broken pipes jut out of the crumbly cliff.

  3. Love your photo of the tree. Try looking up Swamp Kauri amazing! We’re from the UK and bought a wood working business in NZ. We Make wooden books from local timber. Swamp Kauri is taken from old swamps where it’s been for thousands of years. One of the oldest working timbers. It has a shimmer I’ve not seen with any other timber. It changes colour as you turn it.

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