Grand Canyon

I took a few photos on our one day trip to Grand Canyon but it seems like I only posted one or two of them in the last couple years. I’ll try and process a few more in the coming weeks and share with you guys. It was an amazing day out there and it would be nice to visit it again.

This was the beginning of the day, beautiful sunrise, what was followed by incredible day of sunshine, clouds and snowstorm. Grand Canyon is the place to see, if even not in person, but some other way.

Click me!!!

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15 Responses to Grand Canyon

  1. breathtaking image – putting going to the Grand Canyon on my bucket list!

  2. WestEastern says:

    Beautiful! We still have yet to get there.

  3. One of those places in the world for which words are inadequate…

  4. Shelley says:

    We will be visiting the north rim in late September. Is that where this photo was taken?

  5. fantastic! it looks like a painting!

  6. natuurfreak says:

    I was four times in the usa in Wyoming and in New Mexico but i never has the chance to visit the grand canyon.

  7. wholeblackebeverything says:

    this place is amazing ! liked it.

  8. on what settings did you put your camera? going to the GC soon, and I want to justly capture it.

  9. Beautiful !!!!!
    Different colours every day of the year, every season of the year … and always beautiful. I was there in 1995, long before digital camera’s 😦

  10. JC says:

    Oh gosh, this is breath taking!!!

  11. I love this shot!!!! What a stunning view!

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