Gloomy Day at the Beach

Yesterday I was trying to remember when last time I went to the beach, and could not really remember the most recent time. Especially when I went there to swim. Not this year. Not last year. Hmm, seems like its been a while.

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6 thoughts on “Gloomy Day at the Beach

  1. This looks so sad – have to say that this year we have had such a great summer that I have been swimming in the ssea – without the usual wet suit!!

  2. i just go, gloomy or not. Walking an empty beach brings back fantastic memories of my childhood, the beach was the only place I could escape to, and in Winter I always knew I could be alone, with no one to bother me.

  3. My next post will be a similar one — a foggy day at the beach! But I love those days, too. Kind of nice just to walk and reflect in any kind of weather.

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