The Steppin Stones

This weekend we are spending some time at the beach, getting some sun, some swim, a bit of bike rides and some photography here and there. The hotel we staying at brought this band in the evening and they were really good.


Friday Mystery Photo

So much detail in it. If you like this type of stuff, you can probably spend a lot of time studying all of the little architectural details of this place. And this is only a small part of it.

How about it?

Weekend Update: It seams like it is almost an unanimous consensus that is it Notre Dame in Paris. Can’t fight with popular opinion, yes it is the Notre Dame in Paris France. I did not go inside of it. There were so many people going in and out when I was there so I just decided to walk around it. Maybe next time I’ll go inside.

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Into the Wild

We are going to the beach tomorrow, hurrah! Long weekend is upcoming and we decided to hit the beach and soak under some sun. We might even see one of this creatures.

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US Open is back in town, since it is right here on the east coast, they play all of the interesting matches in the evening. So the Burning Man is happening in Nevada right now, something would be really cool to visit and do some photography, not sure if I ever venture to it though, hmm, maybe I should plan it for next year year after. They got rained in yesterday, which is extremely unusual for that that place. Rain in the desert might bring out some flowers, have to see for some photos from the folks who is currently there for any interesting and weird stuff.

I took this photo couple years ago in NC Mountains. That night I took a bunch of photos of this sunset and posted them over the last couple years. If you care to see them, they should be under Blue Ridge Parkway category. 

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The Eye

Carriage horses seems to have the worst job, that the horse can do. There are probably much worse jobs, we just don’t see it. This one is right there in the most touristy areas in big and small cities. They are there day after day after day. Looking sad.

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