Friday Mystery Photo

I have to say that this was probably the most beautiful hike I have ever done. Almost entire 8 miles loop around this lake had this type of views. Hours and hours of breath taking scenery. You can see a trail on the other side gradually coming up, I walked there a few hours before getting to this spot. I had lunch somewhere there, right above the lake. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Since it is Friday, I’m not revealing the location right away. Anyone hiked around this lake and can tell the rest the name of it?

Weekend Update: I’m in Seattle at the moment and on weekends try to make the best of it and visit some cool places. Yes, as a few of you (kazg10 and Zach Schierl) identified, this is the Lake Anne in the North Cascades in Washington State. I went there last weekend for a very marvelous hike. It took me 4 hours to get there (and back) and almost 8 hours of hiking made it one long day, but all worth it.

Click me!!!

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16 Responses to Friday Mystery Photo

  1. Heartafire says:

    beautiful…I don’t recognize this location but it is awesome.

  2. jaytee59 says:

    Beautiful, that would be the place for me and the dogs right now ….

  3. kazg10 says:

    Hmm my first guess but its not a strong one is Lake Ann???, Washington…. Id just like to say I look forward to your Friday mystery photos…Its Friday night here, I kick back and check out your photo and any clues and away I go on google… I find it challenging, entertaining and also informative about our beautiful world πŸ™‚

  4. Ankur Sharma says:

    This is epic, Dmitrii!! Nice πŸ™‚

  5. rlishman84 says:

    This is stunning! I have no idea where this is, but would take a stab at a) Italian Dolomites b) New Zealand??

  6. Crater Lake in Oregon?

  7. Lindy says:

    Hidden Lake in Glacier National Park?

  8. judysbirds says:

    Wow. How beautiful, wherever it is!!

  9. Zach Schierl says:

    Looks like Lake Ann in the North Cascades. Been there in the fall when the larches are turning colors. Absolutely gorgeous!

  10. Antisocial Patty says:

    What a spectacular photo! I hope you tell us where it is, so I can add it to my list of places to visit.

  11. Hey dmitri,
    Gorgeous spot, I think I’m living my life vicariously through your photos these day!

  12. natuurfreak says:

    Very beautiful but for me it stays mystery

  13. Thank you for visiting and following my blog “A Picture a Day”. Much appreciated. Your work is completely different, but I enjoy looking at it.

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