In Paris

As I was taking this photo couple young girls approached me and asked to provide donation to some type organization. They had some pamphlets and a little paper log where they wanted to me to write my name. I offered to them one dollar, but they wanted at least 20, so I told them to get lost. Over the next 30 minutes or so I saw them bugging many other tourists around there. Anyhow, I arrived in Paris only a few hours ago and that is the only time I saw sun over the next few days, Paris can be a gloomy place, but not on this night.

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16 thoughts on “In Paris

  1. Nice shot Dimitri, I have been three times to Paris and three times I have taken a million pictures of the Tower and three times I feel I haven’t caught it right just yet. Your picture looks perfect to me so if I m lucky enough to go again I will step back a bit and put in some foreground like you have, and near sunset looks great. Well done!

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