Summer Heat

We are in Cincinnati and the moment and it seems like we have another Summer heat wave. Hot and humid, with air not moving it is very unpleasant to be outside. Even at 10PM. Last night it felt 90F at that late hour and kids enjoyed some water fountains in the open park at the Cincinnati Ohio River waterfront park.

btw, this is another state, 36 all in total for now.

Click me!!!

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5 Responses to Summer Heat

  1. Lori D says:

    It’s like seeing anew through your lens. BTW, that kind of heat you describe lasts for five months, every single day, no breaks, where I live in Florida. I’m not a fan of heat, so I’m living in the wrong state. 😛

  2. E-Lei says:

    You’re dead on about the humidity and the lack of moving air. I never understood what it meant for the are to feel “close” until this year. Training in the afternoon heat has been tough for me. I’m not a big fan of the really, really hot summers, and more it seems like the people who claim to be are the ones who spend the whole summer time sitting in air conditioned homes or cars or sitting in a pool all day long… I don’t mind that its hot, I just mind the difficulty breathing the humid air! Phew!

    I hope you enjoyed yourself in Cincinnati.

  3. natuurfreak says:

    What a joyfull photo

  4. Fountains like that are everywhere in the world and kids always do the same thing. Isn’t it amazing?

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