Twin Peaks

Place that reminds of the Twin Peaks show I currently watch on the Netflix.

btw, this is the Snoqualmie Falls

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Friday Mystery Photo

I have to say that this was probably the most beautiful hike I have ever done. Almost entire 8 miles loop around this lake had this type of views. Hours and hours of breath taking scenery. You can see a trail on the other side gradually coming up, I walked there a few hours before getting to this spot. I had lunch somewhere there, right above the lake. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Since it is Friday, I’m not revealing the location right away. Anyone hiked around this lake and can tell the rest the name of it?

Weekend Update: I’m in Seattle at the moment and on weekends try to make the best of it and visit some cool places. Yes, as a few of you (kazg10 and Zach Schierl) identified, this is the Lake Anne in the North Cascades in Washington State. I went there last weekend for a very marvelous hike. It took me 4 hours to get there (and back) and almost 8 hours of hiking made it one long day, but all worth it.

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Biltmore Magic

I didn’t have any “mystery” photos ready to post for Friday so had to miss it. Maybe next Friday I’ll find something that is not obvious and share with you guys.

I’m flying to Seattle today for a few days, doing some training there and maybe sneak a little hike somewhere in the mountains of the Pacific North West. Looking forward to training and to hiking part.

Another summer view from the Biltmore Estate, pretty place on during a nice summer day.

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In Paris

As I was taking this photo couple young girls approached me and asked to provide donation to some type organization. They had some pamphlets and a little paper log where they wanted to me to write my name. I offered to them one dollar, but they wanted at least 20, so I told them to get lost. Over the next 30 minutes or so I saw them bugging many other tourists around there. Anyhow, I arrived in Paris only a few hours ago and that is the only time I saw sun over the next few days, Paris can be a gloomy place, but not on this night.

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Big Sur Waterfall

Back to the beautiful Big Sur! We only did one day drive through it, I wish I could spend more time there, maybe some day, as it is really beautiful natural area of the world.

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