New River Gorge Bridge


Yesterday we drove through West Virginia and stopped for some photos. It makes my #35 US State on this blog. One more under the belt.

I have been to West Virginia many times, mostly for white water rafting, but not in the last couple years as I have started taking photos for this blog.

This is route 19 crossing the New River Gorge. River is way below down there, can’t actually see from this spot at all. You can see it from another observation deck, but it is way down and with tiny little white rafting boats that it is really would not look good on the photo, so I did not bather taking those at all.

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10 thoughts on “New River Gorge Bridge

  1. Great photo Dimitri… Your picture shows the scale of this bridge. Having my worst fear realised I couldn’t drive over this bridge.. someone else would have to! Too high :(….

  2. You should go on bridge day, if it still occurs. They bungee jump off one side and parachute off the other. You can also simply walk across the bridge. it is quite the hike down to the bottom. I have been there a few times, but also years ago.

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