Lady In Black

A few weeks ago, one of my Friday Mystery Photos showed a lot of shiny locks. Many of you identified it to be in Paris. This is the place. God only knows how many locks are there. A lot.

This bridge is very pedestrian and it was very hard to take a photo without any people on it. I think I waited for about ten minutes to get a clearing. At one point this lady came into the scene and stopped there while waiting for her friends. I snapped this photo and then it got crowded again. Paris is a busy place.

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18 thoughts on “Lady In Black

  1. ya it seems a lil bit impossible to click pictures on a bz road,,n capture out d meaningful things,, bt u were lucky enough to got it…n its awesome !!!

  2. Each subject draws the image into completion. Yes she looks great but the graffiti is also amazing, plus never hurts to look at Notre Dame. Great picture.

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